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For your booking and stay in a property

1When is check-in / check-out?

1Check in from 15:00 onwards. Check-out time is by 10:00.

2When is the latest I am able to check in?

2 We kindly request all guests to check in at the Izumikyo Management Center which is open until 21:00. If arriving after 21:00 please provide us with the details in advance.

3What are the Izumikyo Management Center's business hours?

3We are open everyday from 8:00 to 21:00. If you intend to check in or check out outside the regular business hours please ensure you provide advance notice so we can make arrangements accordingly.

4When do cancellation charges apply?

4Cancellation charges depend on the type of booking and the date before check in you cancel your booking.

5Is an infant child counted as one person ?

5Any child under 6 years old can stay free of charge when shared bed.

Futon sets are available at 3,300 yen per night

If you are coming with an infant child, please feel free to contact us to discuss arrangements.

6Are properties non-smoking ?

6Yes, all cottages are non-smoking. Please refrain from smoking in the cottages.

7Can I stay in a property with my pet ?

7Some of our properties allow pets to stay, others not. Please refer to each individual property page to check. A maximum of two indoor dogs or cats can stay per property. There is an additional accommodation charge for a pet of 3,300 yen per night irrespective of the size. If you bring your pet, please inform us at the time of booking. Pets are only permitted in the entrance and the living room. Pets are strictly prohibited from all other rooms such as bedrooms and bathroom. When you go out with your pet, you must put a leash on your pet. We kindly request you be respectful of your surrounds and locals.Please note in the event your pets have messed or damaged the property, you may be charged for cleaning and repair costs.

8Do your properties have parking spaces ?

8All properties have parking space but the size of the space varies property to property. If coming by car, please let us know how many cars you will have. If you cannot park on the property's parking space, we recommend leaving vehicles in the parking space in front of Izumikyo Management Center.

9Can I send my luggage to the property ?

9It is not possible to send luggage directly to the property, but you can send it to us. Please provide in advance full details of how many bags and the expected arrival date / time. In addition, when you send your luggage to us, please ensure you write the following things in the address label;
(1) the name used to book your accommodation
(2) check in date
(3) the property name
Please use this address for all deliveries:"Izumikyo Management Center" Niseko Hirafu 5-jo 4-chome,Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 044-0086 (Phone; +81 136 23 3301)

10Can you store my baggage at front desk ?

10We can look after your baggage prior to check-in or when plan to go skiing after check-out etc…before final departure.

11What kind of bedding is used in the property ?

11The bedding set up varies property to property, some have futons , some have beds. Please be sure to check the bedding set up when making your booking. On the individual property listings on this site, wherever "no bed" is written on the property floor plan it means that guests sleep in futons on the floor.

12Are properties wheelchair-accessible?

12Unfortunately our properties are not designed for wheelchair-access. Please feel free to ask us if you need our support.

13Do the properties come with amenities and cooking equipment ?

13All properties come fully set up with amenities and kitchens. For those who wish to self cater just need to bring your own food and you can dine at home.

14Are there washing machines in the properties?

14Some properties have washing machines, some don't. Please refer to individual property listing pages and if unsure feel free to ask us when you make a booking.For those staying in properties without washing machines there are laundry facilities available at our Management Center.

15Are there towels and toiletry in properties?

15Face towels, bath towels, tooth brushes, hairbrushes, razors, cotton kits(cotton pads, and cotton swaps) are provided in all properties, along with detergents, shampoo, hair conditioner and body soap. However there are no pajamas etc…

16 Are there hair driers in properties?

16There is one hair drier in each property. If you need an extra one, please ask at our front desk.

17Are there beds or futon for the number of people?

17There are beds or futon for the number of people booked. If anyone requests extra bedding a 3,300 yen per night fee will apply.

18What size are beds / futons?

18Bed and futon size varies depending on the property. If concerned please clarify when making your booking.

19Are all properties equipped with dishes and cooking utensils?

19Each property is equipped with dishes, kitchen utensils, pots and pans etc….in accordance with each property's designated capacity. All properties are also equipped with a microwave, rice cooker(s) and an electrical pot amongst other items.

20Are condiments provided in properties?

20No, there are no condiments provided, but some simple ones are available for purchase at the front desk.

21What kind of electrical appliances are there in properties?

21There's a TV, fridge, microwave, rice cooker, DVD player and hair drier etc in properties.

22Is there free internet in properties?

22All Deluxe grade properties have wireless high speed internet connections. We also have rental mobile Wifi routers available for nightly rental from our front desk (additional fees apply).
Please note: there a limited numbers of mobile routers, so these are subject to availability.Please inquire when making a booking.

23Do you have any meeting rooms?

23We are sorry that there is no meeting room.

24Do you have any coin washing machines?

24Some properties have washing machines but some do not have washing machines. Please ask us when you make a booking. When a property does not have a washing machine, guests are free to make use of our washing room located just next to Izumikyo Management Center (free of charge, prior booking is recommended).

25Can we have a barbecue in front of a property?

25You can have a barbecue in front of each property(summer season only). Some properties have a roofed terraces, some properties, while others have no terrace. Rental tents are available from the front desk if needed (additional fees apply).

26Do you have any barbecue items for rent?

26We have rental barbecue sets for guest use. A barbecue set includes a 35x 60cm barbecue stove, grill net, barbecue charcoal, fire tongs, cotton work gloves, paper fan and lighter. One set is suitable for about 4-6 people. Also available for rent outside tables, tents (2.4x 2.4m) and flood lights (Summer season only, additional fees apply and prior booking is essential. Please ask for details).


27How do I get to Izumikyo?

27There are many options ranging from rental car, shared or private bus services, taxis or JR train. Please see "Access" page or Contact us to discuss making arrangements. We provide a free local pickup/drop off service for guests between 8:30-17:00 from Kutchan JR station or Bus Terminal, Grand Hirafu Welcome Center and Izumikyo Management Center. Prior booking essential.
For those departing or arriving outside these hours please contact us to discuss making arrangements. During winter there's a bus that connects Hirafu and Kutchan.

28What is the nearest JR station to Izumikyo?

28 JR Kutchan station is the nearest station to Izumikyo. It's about 10 minutes by car.

29Is there a pick-up service available?

29 If you arrive between 8:30-17:00 we offer a free pick up / drop off service between Kutchan Bus Terminal / Kutchan JR station, Grand Hirafu Welcome Centre and Izumikyo Management Centre (prior bookings essential). For those departing or arriving outside these house please contact us to discuss making arrangements.


30Are there any restaurants in Izumikyo facilities ?

30 Yes, we run restaurant "Bistro Re Arbor" in Izumikyo 2 area.

31Could I make a reservation for the restaurant?

31Reservations are accepted by phone (+81 136 55 6603).

32Do you have any private rooms?

32We are sorry but there is no private room in the restaurant.

33What are your normal business hours?

33Lunch time: 11:00 to 15:00 (LO 14:30)
Dinner time: 17:00 to 21:30 (LO 21:00)

34Is the restaurant barrier free?

34Unfortunately, our restaurant is not designed for wheelchair-access. Please feel free to ask us if you need our support.

35Are you able to accommodate dietary restrictions such as food allergies or vegetarian diets?

35Yes, please feel free to ask us.

36There is some food that I do not like in a course menu.Can I ask you to change the contents of the course menu?

36If you would like to change the contents of the course menu, please let us know in advance. We will try to accommodate your requests.

37Can I order any food to take away?

37We are sorry, but you cannot do take away meals. A delivery service menu is available to our guests staying in our accommodation (prior booking is essential). If you are interested in it, please check this link.

38Is there a charge fee to make a booking? Or Is there a cancellation charge when I cancel a booking?

38There is no fee to make a reservation. A cancellation charge will be charged when you cancel a “dinner course” on the day. The cancellation charge is 100% of the course price.
In addition, if you are late for more than 30 minutes without giving us any notice, your reservation will automatically be canceled and charges may apply.

39Can I pay by credit card?


40Which credit card do you accept?

40We accept the following credit cards:

41Can I bring a celebrating cake such as a birthday cake in a restaurant?

41Yes, when you let us know in advance, we can try to accommodate your requests.

42Do you mind if I smoke in the restaurant?

42We are sorry, but no smoking is allowed on the premises including outside space of our restaurant.

43Is your restaurant pets friendly?

43We are sorry, but pets are not allowed to enter on the premises including outside space of our restaurant.

Food delivery

44Do you have a food delivery service ?

44 Yes,we offer a range of optional delivery services. Please order any delivery service by 17:00 at least two days prior to desired dining date if you would like. Two persons or more minimum order. Meals will be delivered to your property at around 17:00. Prior booking is essential. Additional fees apply.
Please refer to the page "Breakfast & dinner" for menu details and ordering.

45What time can I get meals delivered ?

45Meals will be delivered to your property at around 16:00 to 17:00 for dinner and at around 8:00 for breakfast. If you are not in your property during the time, the meals will be put in the fridge in the property.

46Is it possible to order meals for the same day ?

46Unfortunately same day orders aren't possible. If you would like to make an order for meals, please order them at least by 17:00 at least two days prior to desired dining date.

47Are there any restaurants near the Izumikyo area ?

47Yes, depending on the property, there are dining options right on the door step. Either way all of Hirafu famous apres ski options are a short walk / drive away. Please feel free to ask at Izumikyo Management Center for our recommendations.

Activities and sightseeing

48Can you recommend any sightseeing spots?

48There are too many recommendations to include here. However, visiting the marshlands high in the mountains (Shinsen-numa & Kagami-numa) or Lake Hangetsu at the foot of Mt Yotei are great places to start. These have designated trails and are suitable for the whole family. Or take in the view from the top of the ski lifts, visit an onsen (hotspring) or sample fresh produce from one of the many farms in the area. If driving Lake Toya and the Shakotan Peninsula are ideal for day trips being only an hour or so away. For more ideas drop in at Izumikyo Management Centre to discuss.

49When is the best time to see autumn leaves?

49Between the end of September to the beginning of October when day and night time temperature differences start to grow causing the green leaves to change into beautiful red leaves.

50What activities can I do in Niseko ?

50There's an ever growing selection of activities in Niseko. When the snow melts choose from rafting, kayaking, fishing, golf, tennis, horse riding, hiking etc… While winter and the famous powder snow are perfect for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing , etc. Also indoor activities like glass art, making ice cream can be enjoyed year round. Most of these activities can be enjoyed within 10-15 minutes of Izumikyo's accommodation. Please inquire for details.

51What golf courses are nearby?

51Just 10 minutes drive away there's the Niseko Village and Niseko Tokyu golf courses. Or drive another 20-30minutes or so and there are many more options like Fukui, Rusutsu, Akai-gawa etc...

52Do you have any tennis courts?

52Yes, we have 5 tennis courts available from mid-May and the end of October, subject to weather conditions.

53Are there any onsen (natural hotsprings) nearby ?

53There are lots of onsen in Niseko.(see Onsen page)
We offer discount tickets for some - available at Izumikyo Management Center. Please ask at the front desk.

54What is the nearest ski area?

54Grand Hirafu Ski area is about 5 minutes from Izumikyo Management Center by car.

55Is there any transportation to ski area?

55There's a complimentary shuttle bus service running every 20 minutes by Niseko Mt Resort Grand Hirafu which connects the Izumikyo 2 , Stage Izumikyo and Grand Hirafu ski areas. This shuttle runs between mid-December and the beginning of April. Please ask us or see "Grand shuttle bus site" for full details.

56Are there any special places for kids in ski area

56The Grand Hirafu, Annupuri and Hanazono ski areas all have facilities for kids. Also in Hirafu NAC have a special kids beginner ski area, as well as an indoor kids facility.

57Where can I rent gear for skiing or snowboarding

57There are many rental ski and snowboard stores in Hirafu. Please inquire when booking or checking in.

58Could you please tell me the ski conditions ?

58For the most up to date conditions please see the Niseko United resort webpage or feel free to drop in and check at Izumikyo Management Centre.
For a comprehensive weather update check Niseko Weather.

Other questions

59Are there any shops nearby?

59Hirafu has a limited selection of basic convenience stores, a small supermarket and a few bakeries. For food supplies nearby Kutchan offers the best option for shoppers as there are several large supermarkets and many smaller shops. Hirafu's convenience stores - Seicomart (6:00-23:00), Lawson and Seven eleven(24 hours) are just minutes from Izumikyo Management Center by car or on foot.

60Are there any supermarkets near there ?

60The nearest supermarket is in the Shiki building, but Kutchan’s MaxValu (corner of Route 5 & 343) or Coop (next to Kutchan JR Station) offer a wider selection, about a 15minute drive/bus ride away.

61What are popular souvenirs in Niseko?

61Fresh local produce is incorporated into a wide selection of both Japanese and western-style confectionery. Also Niseko's high quality water and rice allows local Japanese sake brewers to produce a variety of brews. You can even tour the brewery and end with a tasting before buying.

62Is there an ATM in Hirafu?

62There are ATMs in convenience stores such as Seicomart and Lawson, but currently these aren't suitable for international transactions. For an international ATM try the one in the SHIKI building in the center of Hirafu.

63Is there a hospital nearby ?

63Kutchan has a few hospitals, the largest one being Kutchan Kosei Hospital. It 's about 20 minutes from Izumikyo Management Center by car. (phone +81 136 22 1141)

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