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Indoor Activity

Enjoy a variety of hands-on  indoor craft and cooking activities in NISEKO thoughout the year
Enjoy creating your own original artwork while in Niseko and take your own work home

For indoor activities it is recommended to make advanced bookings.
Please check the cancellation policy at a time of booking.


"Special" indicates that the activity prices will be discounted if you make use of Izumikyo season pass(until the end of October 2020). These season pass will be given at check in and for full details it's best to please ask each company providing the service.

  • Create your own sandblasted etch on a glassware. It's easy even for begginers. Good for souvenirs, too.
  • Specials
    Glass artcraft 10% Off!
  • Leather craft experience workshop and shop.
  • Specials

    Discount a "Dog collar" and a "Key ring" !
    *Dog collar 3,300 yen - -> 2,900 yen -
    *Key ring  1,650 yen - -> 1,500 yen -
    • Contact:
      fan fun (+81 50 7551 2688)
  • Anybody can paint a picture well.
  • Specials

    Discount a "Welcome board" and a "Trinket box" !
    *Welcome board 2,700 yen -> 2,500 yen
    *Trinket box   3,240 yen -> 3,000 yen
    • Contact:
      Maple (+81 136 44 3820)

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