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Izumikyo Season Pass

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Izumikyo Season Pass

We have a special "Season Pass" to limited Izumikyo guests. You will be got some discount or a special thing with the Izumikyo Season Pass when you experience the following activity or restaurants' menu.

The Izumikyo Season Pass will be given to you when you check in if you wish. Please let us know when you would like.
For more information about specific activity details, please contact each site.
*This service is valid until the end of March 2018.(except for some companies or restaurants)

Winter activities

Activities 10% OFF!

They have many programs in outdoor recreaition and handcraft experiences.

*Reservation and Inquiry :
Niseko Outdoor Centre(+81 136 44 1133)

Activities 10% OFF!

Raft through a dreamy snowscape, snowshoe to places only accessible in winter, or try any of our other activities.

*Reservation and Inquiry :
NOASC (+81 136 23 1688)

Activities 10% OFF!

A range of exciting snow-play activities, including Snowmobile tours, Sledding and Tubing. Offering a new level of fun for the whole family.
*Reservation and Inquiry :
Niseko HANAZONO Resort (+81 136 21 6688)

Original sticker present!

You can experience a private session with Mr. Hiromi Tatsumi who is rider of GENTEMSTICK and Patagonia. This company operating lesson also.
*Reservation and Inquiry :
Youtei Outdoor(+81 80 6075 9466)
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Indoor activities etc..

Glass artcraft 10% Off!

Create your own sandblasted etch on a glassware. It's easy even for begginers. Good for souvenirs, too.

*Reservation and Inquiry :
Glass gallery Doumu (+81 136 43 2552)

Discount a "Dog collar" and a "Key ring" !
Dog collar   3,240 yen - -> 2,800 yen -
Key ring     1,620 yen - -> 1,450 yen -

Leather craft experience workshop and shop.
*Reservation and Inquiry :
fan fun (+81 136 43 2626)

Discount a "Welcome board" and a "Trinket box" !
Welcome board   2,700 yen -> 2,500 yen
Trinket box   3,240 yen -> 3,000 yen

Anybody can paint a picture well.
*Reservation and Inquiry :
Maple (+81 136 44 3820)

500 yen OFF from charge!

Alpen Hotel is perfectly located for easy drop off/pick up at the slopes.
!Prior Booking Required!

*Reservation and Inquiry :
Niseko Alpen Kid's room(+81 136 22 1105)
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Eat-in 10% OFF!
*Breakfast menu is not applicable

A wide selection of sandwiches using fresh ingredients and generous portions of fruits topped low-sugar cakes.
*Contact :
Graubunden (+81 136 23 3371)

Eat-in 100 yen OFF!

Rich, spicy and tasty flavours soup curry made using locally harvested produce.

*Contact :
Tsubara Tsubara (+81 136 23 1116)

5% OFF all menu! (eat-in only)

Great dishes from JoJo's trademark original burger to a variety of pastas, pizzas and rice dishes.

*Contact :
JoJo's (+81 136 23 2220)

Serving a cup of soft drink or an ice cream to guest who eat in! (lunch only)

Sukiyaki, Shabu Shabu and chef's tailor made cource menu with fresh ingredients.
*Contact :
Kuriya Sessa(+81 136 23 2799)

100 yen OFF with more than 1,000 yen purchase!

Offering freshly baked bread made with natural yeast. You can eat pizza or sandwiches in the cafe.

*Contact :
Guzu Guzu (+81 136 21 4855)

Eat-in 5% OFF! (cash only)

A wide variety of local meals with fresh ingredients and more than 400 kinds of drinks !

*Contact :
Abucha 2nd (+81 136 22 5620)

Eat-in 10% OFF! (dinner only)

Hokkaido seasonal dishes, served with great tasting wines and tea.

*Contact :
La villa LUPICIA Restaurant(+81 136 21 7880)

100 yen OFF per one pizza!(dinner only)

This restaurant use Mozzarella cheese of home Italy. The pizza Napoletana is baked by a homemade firewood kiln, and you can also takeaway that.
*Contact :
B.C.C. WHITE ROCK (+81 136 22 5117)

All-you-can-eat grilled lamb
60 min. 2,500 yen -> 2,300 yen!

Hokkaido's most famous food Genghis Khan(BBQ lamb) restaurant. Perfect with beer & Great for parties!
*Contact :
Soan(+81 90 2059 6701)

Serving an ice cream to guest who eat in!

Warm and cozy with good home cooking. Offering homegrown black bean chili and meat rice bowl or maple syrup waffles etc...
*Contact :
Maple (+81 136 44 3820)

Serving a cup of coffee or a cup of orange juice to guest who eat in!

This restaurant has variety meals using many vegetables. Home-made croquette is very popular.
*Contact :
Narita (+81 136 22 5876)

8% OFF coffee beans !

Sprout makes a wide variety of gourmet coffee.You can drink in the shop or take away.

*Contact :
SPROUT(+81 136 55 5161)

10% OFF all breads!

This bakery dedicated to bring you the very best breads made daily, from scratch and with local ingredients.

*Contact :
Marumugi Kobo(+81 136 22 5366)

Eat-in 5% OFF! (cash only)

In a modern atmosphere, you could enjoy prime wagyu and cuisine made with fresh seafood.

*Contact :
NISEKO SAKURA(+81 136 23 1111)
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Supermarket etc...

A tea bug present for purchase over 1,000 yen!

Enjoy exquisite delicatessen, bread and gourmet food made from fresh Hokkaido ingredients.

*Contact :
La Villa LUPICIA Bontique(+81 136 21 6818)

5% OFF!(excrpt one section)
*from 26 November 2017 to 31 March 2018

Locally sourced fresh fruit and vegetables blessed by the fertile soil and pure water of Mt.Yotei.
*Contact :
LUCKY(+81 136 21 3677)
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