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Izumikyo Season Pass

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Izumikyo Season Pass

We have a special "Season Pass" to limited Izumikyo guests.You will be got some discount or a special thing with the Izumikyo Season Pass when you experience the following activity or restaurants' menu.

The Izumikyo Season Pass will be given to you when you check in if you wish. Please let us know when you would like.
For more information about specific activity details, please contact each site.
*This service is valid until the end of March 2021.(except for some companies or restaurants)

*When you participate in the activities, please wear a mask, wash your hands and disinfect to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Winter activities

Activities 10% OFF!

Offering a variety of outdoor activities in Niseko's great outdoor environs.

*Reservation and Inquiry :
Niseko Outdoor Centre(+81 136 44 1133)

Activities 10% OFF!

NOASC runs winter rafting operating. This tour will give you getting your blood pumping and setting the mood.

*Reservation and Inquiry :
NOASC(+81 136 23 1688)

Activities 5-10% OFF!

If you looking for a fun activity the whole family can enjoy, tubing is great for kids and for those who want to act like one.

*Reservation and Inquiry :
Niseko HANAZONO Resort(+81 136 21 6688)
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Indoor activities

Glass artcraft 10% Off!

Create your own sandblasted etch on a glassware. It's easy even for begginers. Good for souvenirs, too.

*Reservation and Inquiry :
Glass gallery Doumu (+81 136 43 2552)

Discount a "Dog collar" and a "Key ring" !
Dog collar   3,300 yen - -> 2,900 yen -
Key ring     1,650 yen - -> 1,500 yen -

Leather craft experience workshop and shop.
*Reservation and Inquiry :
fan fun (+81 136 43 2626)
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Eat-in 10% OFF!

Re Arbor's dishes will have a contemporary twist with an eclectic menu. Featuring, seasonal and local products. Come to have a break here !
*Contact :
Bistro Re Arbor (+81 136 55 6603)

Eat-in 10% OFF!
*Breakfast menu is not applicable

A wide selection of sandwiches using fresh ingredients and generous portions of fruits topped low-sugar cakes.
*Contact :
Graubunden (+81 136 23 3371)

Eat-in 100 yen OFF!

Rich, spicy and tasty flavours soup curry made using locally harvested produce.

*Contact :
Tsubara Tsubara (+81 136 23 1116)

Eat-in 5% OFF!

Great dishes from JoJo's trademark original burger to a variety of pastas, pizzas and rice dishes.

*Contact :
JoJo's (+81 136 23 2220)

100 yen OFF with more than 1,000 yen purchase!

Offering freshly baked bread made with natural yeast. You can eat pizza or sandwiches in the cafe.

*Contact :
Guzu Guzu (+81 136 21 4855)

Eat-in 5% OFF! (cash only)

A wide variety of local meals with fresh ingredients and more than 400 kinds of drinks !

*Contact :
Abucha 2nd (+81 136 22 5620)

8% OFF coffee beans !

Sprout makes a wide variety of gourmet coffee.You can drink in the shop or take away.

*Contact :
SPROUT(+81 136 55 5161)

60 mins all-you-can-eat 2,500 yen -> 2,300 yen!

Restaurant serving delicious yakiniku grilled meat at a reasonable price. Enjoy your Hokkaido-style BBQ.

*Contact :
Soan(+81 90 2059 6701)
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5% OFF!(excrpt one section)

Locally sourced fresh fruit and vegetables blessed by the fertile soil and pure water of Mt.Yotei.

*Contact :
LUCKY Kutchan store(+81 136 21 3677)

5% OFF!(excrpt one section)

There are near Kutchan station. So it is very convenient for shopping in the case of you use JR.

*Contact :
COOP Kutchaen store(+81 136 23 0123)

5% OFF!

This shop sells vegetables, rice, various seafood or meat products and bread, etc. All of those is made in Shiribeshi.

*Contact :
Marche Yukidaruma(+81 136 55 5554)

Present an original cotton bag with any purchase of 5,000 yen or more !

This shop selling organic food products and houseplants. You can purchase organic foods, mainly nuts, granola, dried fruits, rice, beans and other grains, flours, oils, spices, etc., in small lots in a store.

*Contact :
Pyram Organics & Plants(+81 136 55 6764)
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